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The F Class were 0-6-0 diesel shunters that operated on the Victorian Railways of Australia from 1951 and 1987.


The F Class was ordered by the Victorian Railways as part of "Operation Phoenix" to repair a badly run down by years of Depression underdevelopment and wartime overutilization, buying 10 shunting units from English Electric, entering service in the 1950's, replacing aging shunting tank engines, or tank engines relegated from suburban duties.

The State Electricity Commission of Victoria purchased 6 similar units known as the SEC class units, although they were later sold to the VR as additional F Class units.

The F Class were withdrawn as early as 1979 and were finally withdrawn from service in 1987.


Several F Class locomotives survive as either static exhibits or as shunters on preserved lines or mainline operator depots.

F202 is preserved by the Seymour Railway Heritage Center. Although mainline certified, the engine is preserved as the depot shunter.

F204 survives as a source of spare parts for F317.

F208 is preserved by 707 Operations as the depot shunter. Wears it's original number F317.

F211 is preserved by the ARHS Museum at North Williamstown.

F212 is preserved by the Victorian Goldfields Railway as the Maldon yard shunter.

F216 is also preserved at the ARHS Nuseum at North Williamstown. It wears it's original number of SEC2.


  • The F Class bears a similar appearance to the BR Class 11 and the NS 600 Class diesel Shunters


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