Savannah and Atlanta (S&A) 750 is a class 65 4-6-2 'Pacific' type steam locomotive built by American Locomotive Company in 1910.

750 1972

750 Departing Atlanta On A Round Trip To Gainesville, Georgia On April 15th, 1972.

History Edit

750 was built by ALCO's Schenectady Works in January of 1910 for the Florida East Coast where it was originally numbered 80. It hauled passengers across the FEC, notably over the "Flager Extension" on the Florida Keys. When the 1935 hurricane significantly destroyed the connecting bridges, several excess engines were sold off including #80. She was purchased by the Savannah & Atlanta Railway, converted from oil to coal firing, and became their #750. After the Savannah & Atlanta was absorbed by the Central of Georgia in 1962, 750 was donated to the Atlanta Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. The locomotive moved to Atlanta via the S&A to Camak, and Georgia Railroad to Atlanta. It pulled several Chapter sponsored excursions, mainly over the West Point Route and Georgia Railroad, between 1962 and 1966. 750 was leased to the Southern Railway in 1968 and used in their Steam Excursion Program. It operated until 1974, and was stored until 1983, when it was repaired and operated for a final season on Norfolk Southern. After being returned to the Atlanta, the locomotive received repairs performed by volunteers under the direction of retired Southern Railway Master Mechanic Bill Purdie, before being leased to the New Georgia Railroad. The New Georgia operated excursions and dinner trains around Atlanta and to other locations in Georgia. It last operated in 1989, and is now on display at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, GA; there are currently no prospects for her to return to service.

Stats Edit

Class: Class 65 Light Pacific

Weight: 180,000 lbs

Tractive Effort: 31,000 lbs

Drivers: 69in

Cylinders: 22x26

Trivia Edit

  • Appeared in "Riding the Rails" with Johnny Cash (Casey Jones segment)(1974), and Biloxi Blues (1988).

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