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Santa Fe No. 3759
Santa Fe #3759 at Locomotive Park.


Baldwin Locomotive Works



Current Owner

City Of Kingman, AZ





Fuel Type

Fuel Oil

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V - E - T - D

Santa Fe No. 3759 is a 4-8-4 "Northern" type steam locomotive built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1928 for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (AT&SF).

This locomotive hauled passenger trains on the AT&SF. It was retired in the late 1950s when diesels replaced steam.

In February 1955, 3759 was brought out of retirement at the request of the Railway Club of Southern California for a special excursion run, dubbed "Farewell to Steam." This special ran on February 6, a round trip between Los Angeles Union Station and Barstow, CA with stops in Pasadena and San Bernardino and was the last Santa Fe revenue steam train to leave Los Angeles and to traverse Cajon Pass.

After this trip, 3759 went back into storage, until Santa Fe donated the locomotive to the city of Kingman in 1957.

Today it's on display at Locomotive Park, located between Andy Devine Avenue and Beale Street in Kingman, AZ.


  • A sister locomotive, No. 3751, still occasionally operates out of Los Angeles, CA. Eight others (seven in the 2900 series, plus one 3765 class engine) also survive.
  • The sounds of the whistle, bell, and chugging was used in The Polar Express audio narration by William Hurt from 1989.
  • In January 1991, Grand Canyon Railway owner Max Biegert sent a letter to Kingman city officials of his proposal to lease AT&SF 3759 to operation and donate his engine No. 19 to the city. 3759 would have run in the Grand Canyon Railway and an "Orient Express"-styled train between Los Angeles and Williams, AZ. But the city refused, and so it remains in its plinth rather than being given a second chance.