N de M (Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México) or "National Railways of Mexico" (or simply Mexican Railways), was a governmentally-owned Mexican Class 1 Railroad (or major railroad) in Mexico which existed from 1909 to 1998.


N de M Logo

The original N de M logo.

N de M Consolidation

A preserved N de M 2-8-0 narrow-gauge steam locomotive

The N de M first began as both a narrow-gauge and standard gauge railroad.  It ran along the Mexican Transcontinental Railroad, on which it took over trackage operations from the Mexican Central Railway and whose name was actually changed to N de M (serving most of the country at the time, and being the largest as well due to having a transcontinental route).

The railroad first began near the Chihuahua Mountains close to Chihuahua City in Chihuahua, Mexico (the mountain, state and city name the etymology of which is Native American), and extended further towards the city of Juarez adjacent to El Paso, Texas in the United States.

The railroad eventually was redeveloped under a new name and new government ownership in 1998 as FXE (Ferrocarril Mexicano, or simply "Ferromex").


  • The railroad itself has been renamed three times, and due to it being renamed, three different companies have existed. (MCR, N de M, and FXE.)
  • The Canadian National (CN) railroad leased Canadian-built ALCO Century Series diesel locomotives to the N de M.
  • The N de M purchased 14 single unit Baldwin DR-12-8-1500/2 locomotives (better known as "Centipedes", due to the 2-D+D-2 wheel arrangement). These diesels lived longer on the N de M as opposed to the other two railroads who purchased them. The Pennsylvania Railroad (24 or 12 sets of 2), and the Seaboard Air Line (14) with the last ones scrapped in 1971.
    N de M Centipede

    An N de M Baldwin 'Centipede' diesel locomotive.

  • Their narrow-gauge steam locomotives were very much like the Denver and Rio Grande Western's narrow-gauge steam locomotives; they had a standard-gauge frame and body with a narrow-gauge chassis.
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