J. Neils Lumber Co. No. 5 is a 4f708\1m435 StandardGauge ThreeTruck Shay steam locomotive, built 1929 by Lima Locomotive Works of USOh Lima for J. Neils logging & lumber mill operations.


  • In 1939, No. 5 was moved to J.Neils plant in USWa Klickitat.
  • In 1957, No. 5 was sold to St.RegisLumberCo of USWa Klickitat.
  • In 1958, No. 5 was retired & placed in storage in an engine shed near USWa Klickitat.
  • In 1960, No. 5 was sold to & operated by Klickitat Logging & Lumber.
  • On 1967Oct29, No. 5 hauled the Illinois Railway Museum first steam excursion.
  • In 1969, No. 5 was donated to the Illinois Railway Museum, becoming the first operating steam locomotive at the museum.
  • In 1971Oct, No. 5 tripleheaded with Commonwealth Edison No. 5 & Tuskegee No. 101.
  • In 1990, No. 5 hauled a passenger train decorated with American flags.
  • In 1999, No. 5 was taken out of service, in need of restoration.
  • In 2004, No. 5 was in storage at Barn 9 along with the Frisco No. 1630.
  • In 2010, the museum moved parts of 2 locomotives, Frisco No. 1630 & this Shay, to make space in the shop.
  • On 2016Jun15, No. 5 made her first move by her own power since 1999Sep.
  • In 2018, No. 5 was fully restored, FRA certified, & returned to service at the Illinois Railway Museum, hauling a variety of cabooses, freight or passenger consists.
  • On the evening of September 14, 2019, during the Museum Showcase Weekend, No. 5 doubleheaded with Frisco No. 1630, making it the first doubleheader at the IRM in over two decades.


  • No. 5 originally had a 5 chime whistle; one chime was welded shut while at J. Neils Lumber, resulting in the current 4 chime whistle.


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