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Illinois Central 382 at the time of the wreck.

Illinois Central No. 382 is an old 4-6-0 Ten-Wheeler-type steam locomotive. It was built by the Rogers Locomotive Works in May 1898 for the Illinois Central and was a very powerful engine for the time.

It was used primarily for passenger service on the Illinois Central Railroad for much of its career. This engine was the locomotive driven by railroad legend Casey Jones on the night of his fatal crash on April 30, 1900, when the locomotive collided with the caboose of a stalled double-headed freight train that had failed to completely clear the right-of-way near Vaughan, Mississippi, as it was blocked by another engine with a freight train on the same side-track.

After the crash, Engine No. 382 was rebuilt in the Paducah shops, Paducah, Kentucky and returned to service but suffered a string of accidents killing at least 6 workers and injuring many others. In January 1903 some criminals caused Engine No. 382 to wreck, nearly demolishing the locomotive; the engineer, who replaced Casey Jones on the engine, Harry A Norton, lost both his legs and was badly scalded; his fireman died 3 years later.

In September 1905, Daniel Norton, and the Engine No. 382, flipped over in the Memphis South Yards. This time however the train was moving slowly and Norton was uninjured. On January 22, 1912, Engine No. 382, now No. 2012, was involved in another wreck that killed 4 prominent railroad men and injured several others. An engineer by the name of Strewed was driving.

The locomotive was retired from service, and finally scrapped in July 1935; but on the way to the yard, it jumped the rails and cost the life of one final victim. Another engine, Clinchfield Railroad 4-6-0 No. 99, has been dolled up to represent No. 382, is on currently display at the Casey Jones US History Museum in Jackson, Tennessee to commemorate the disaster. However, the bell from the actual Engine survived; it is on display at the Casey Jones Museum in Vaughan, Mississippi.


  • The engine is nicknamed "Casey's Cursed Locomotive", due to the inordinately high number of accidents in which it was involved starting with the crash that claimed Jones' life.
  • Over the years it was renumbered to 212, 2012, and finally 5012, but the "curse" held strong.
  • It was considered the most difficult locomotive to operate on the Illinois Central because of her perceived "curse".
  • Besides "Casey's Cursed Locomotive", the locomotive was also known affectionately as "Cannonball" and "Ole 382".
  • Also, the mock-up steam locomotive 'Constitution', another 4-6-0 engine of the class, made for the 2013 Disney film The Lone Ranger bares a very strong resemblance to Engine No. 382, but with two step ladders at the front.
  • The locomotive was pulling the The New Orleans Special passenger train when it crashed in 1900.
  • Coincidentally the Engine No. 382 was 37 years old by the time it was scrapped in 1935, the same age Casey Jones was when he perished in the wreck in 1900.
  • The engine weight is 158,300 lbs.