CN 8880 rolls past Wood Street Crossing in Harvey

A CN SD70M-2.Photo by Liesel at

The SD70M-2 is the SD70ACe's DC-traction counter-part. Like the SD70ACe, the locomotive was rated at 4,300 hp. NS ordered all of their SD70M-2's at 4,000 hp. Norfolk Southern (NS), Florida East Coast (FEC), and Canadian National (CN) were the only customers to purchase this locomotive new.

CN has the most SD70M-2's of any railroad, at 190 units. NS rosters 130 units although several have been wrecked. FEC also roster 8 SD70M-2's. FEC's second order, was built with isolated cabs. Also, these units were Rail America inspired paint. FEC's SD70M-2 locomotives have been leased to CSX by First Union RaiL (FURX) since the ES44C4's showed up in December 2014. CITX also has 3 on its roster, as the three Demos were sold to them. These units were on long-term lease to FEC and considered part of the road fleet. There are recent reports of All three CITX SD70's operating on lease to CSX.

In 2010 the SD70M-2 was discontinued as the technology was deemed outdated, and when compared offered so much less than A.C. traction locomotives. Some of these locomotives are already moving into new assignments on Shortline and regional railroads. See below.  

Who Owns What? Edit

Canadian National

8800-8964; Built in 4 orders between 2007 and 2011.

Norfolk Southern

2649-2778; Built in 2 orders between 2005 and 2006.

Florida East Coast

100-107; Built in two orders: one in 2007 and one in 2010. These units have since been returned to their leaser, First Union Rail.

CIT Financial

140-142; Built by EMD in 2003, sold to CIT in 2005.

Providence and Worcester

Trains Magazine has reported that two former-FEC SD70M-2's have been sold to P&W. These units are Ex-FEC 100 and 102. They have yet to be shipped to the P&W. They are currently on the P&W at their Plainfield CT shop being repainted.

Vermont Railway

(431-432) ; Built for FEC in 2007; sold to the VR by First Union Rail July 2015.

Trains Magazine has reported that two more former-FEC SD70M-2's have been sold to Vermont Railway. These units are Ex-FEC 101 and 103. These units will be renumbered to 431 and 432 upon arrival.