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The EMD SD70ACe-T4 is an American Co-Co diesel-electric locomotive, produced since 2015 by Electro-Motive Diesel; the SD70ACe-T4P4 is a modified version, with the 2 inboard axles not having traction motors. These decedents of the SD70ACe have the new EPA Tier 4 compliant 12v1010ciJ engine, as well as individual axle control (inherited from the SD70ACeP6 & now standard), enhanced AC traction motors, & modernized cab.


This evolution of SD70 designs was required to comply with stricter EPA Tier 4 regulations beginning January 1, 2015. Mass production of the SD70ACe-T4 model began mid 2016.

Union Pacific #3013 was the first unit delivered November 2016; the remaining 88 units in UPs first order were numbered 3000-3087, which included several demonstrators. Due to low fleet availability statistics (coupled with UP's implementation of Precision Scheduled Railroading), the entire fleet was earmarked for storage in 2018 and laid up across the network. Since then, a number of units have been reactivated after receiving software modifications.

CSX is the only other railroad to purchase the SD70ACe-T4 to-date. Norfolk Southern and BNSF previously had ten each on order, but the orders were cancelled, and the units were instead built and put into the Progress Rail lease fleet[1].

A number of SD70ACe-T4s have been built for Progress Rail's lease fleet; some originated from aborted orders, while most were constructed brand new. 7201-7227 are painted in the a yellow and white scheme, giving them the nickname "bananas." Most are leased to Kansas City Southern, with Canadian Pacific testing the remainder. 7233-7242 were originally ordered by NS, with 7228-7232 and 7243-7252 being additional new builds. In addition 1603 and 1604 are painted in BNSF colors and as of December 2020 are stored at Progress Rail, Tacoma, WA and 1501, 1601, 1602, 1502, and 1605-1610 are painted in Union Pacific colors, and 1501 is painted in EMD colors.


  • Union Pacific: (QTY: 87) 3000-3099. Designated as SD70AH-T4, most are in revenue service while others are stored.
  • CSX (QTY: 10), delivered as #8900-8909. Designated as ST70AH. Owned by Progress Rail and leased to CSX, per blue card information.