The EMD; Electro Motive Division; GM10B was an experimental high-horsepower; 10,000hp (with the electrical currents) six-axle electric locomotive built in 1976. It had a new (to the North American market) wheel arrangement of B-B-B, with three two-axle trucks on a single frame.

It was a one-of-a-kind locomotive, with only the prototype being constructed.



The EMD GM10B. Note the odd trucks and RS3L air horn.

Intended for high-speed freight service on the Pennsylvania Railroad's "Northeast Corridor" electrified lines, the locomotive was designed for 'hustle muscle' operation; "high speeds and high horsepower". Unfortunately, when the electrified freight lines returned to diesel power towards the end of the Energy Crisis of the 1970's, railroads lost interest in the design and the 10,000 horsepower GM10B was scrapped.


  • An externally-similar six-axle version; the GM6C, was also constructed.
  • The GM10B and GM6C were some of the only types of electric locomotives ever produced by EMD; both which were originally meant to establish a success with EMD producing more electric locomotives rather than simply diesel locomotives. Yet, GE succeeded in producing electric locomotives long after the success of the GG1.