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Delaware, Lackawanna and Western No. 952 is a Class G-6 4-4-0 steam locomotive built by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) in Schenectady, NY in 1905 for the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad (DL&W).

This type of locomotive is often referred to as a "Camelback" or "Mother Hubbard". It gets that name from the engineer's cab being located in its center, above the boiler. This is due to the wide firebox needed to burn the hard anthracite coal mined from Pennsylvania. To burn properly this coal has to be in a very thin layer compared to more common soft coal, leaving no room for a cab in the normal location. A separate shelter is provided at the rear for the fireman.

It was built to haul passenger trains, such as the fabled "Phoebe Snow," and was even featured in the railroad's advertising campaign using the image of a woman in a fancy white linen dress to illustrate the cleanliness of both anthracite coal and of the railway itself. It was also exhibited at the New York World's Fair in 1939-40 for a time.

In 1939, the DL&W donated No. 952 to the Railway & Historical Society who in turn offered it as a loan in 1953 to the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, MO and has remained there on static display ever since. It received a cosmetic restoration between 1999-2002.


  • One of five known Camelback locomotives to survive today.
  • No. 952 is the only surviving 4-4-0 Camelback locomotive.
  • One of only two surviving DL&W steam engines.