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The China Railways CR400AF and CR400BF (and the related China Railways CR200J), branded Fuxing Hao (Renaissance), is a high-speed electric multiple unit. The newest type of train to operate on the China Railways high speed corridor, the Renaissance EMUs are completely redesigned from the ground up and are based on indigenous technologies.


As the old Harmony train sets were deemed to have patents that were only valid in China, the new Renaissance trains used indigenous technology to allow their patents to hold international power. Development of the Renaissance EMUs started in 2012, with the design phase finished by 2014; the first train set rolled off the production lines in 2015.

Early on in the trains' development, the Renaissance trains were known as the China Standardized EMU, and remained as such until they were renamed as the Renaissance trains (Fuxing Hao) on 25 June 2017. Two main variants, the CR400AF and the CR400BF, nicknamed the Red/Blue Dolphin and the Golden Phoenix respectively, were originally designed, with a lower-speed variant, the CR200J, being developed later. The CR400AF and CR400BF entered service on 15 August 2016, while the CR200J entered service on 5 January 2019.

A CR400 series's name can be broken down as follows:

  • AF and BF presents its technical platform. A is for CRRC Qingdao Sifang or Bombardier Sifang Transportation, while B is for CRRC Changchun and CRRC Tangshan. F is for multiple units (on China's railways, if a set of locomotives and coaches are used as a fixed train and don't uncouple in usual, the train can also be called as multiple units, presented as J)
  • -A is for 16-car sets
  • -B is for 17-car sets
  • -G is for sets resistant to harsher weather
  • -C is officially called "Smart EMU", which supports ATO and GOA2
  • -Z is another name for the "Smart EMU", which has a redesigned interior, but doesn't support ATO
  • -S is used for a prototype 16-car set double-deck

These letters can be put together, for example, CR400BF-GZ and CR400AF-BZ.

The entire CR400 series contains:

  • CR400AF
  • CR400AF-A
  • CR400AF-B
  • CR400AF-C
  • CR400AF-G
  • CR400AF-S
  • CR400AF-Z
  • CR400AF-BZ
  • CR400BF
  • CR400BF-A
  • CR400BF-B
  • CR400BF-C
  • CR400BF-G
  • CR400BF-S
  • CR400BF-Z
  • CR400BF-BZ
  • CR400BF-GZ

All sets are currently in service; the CR400s have a design top speed of 400 km/h (249 mph) while the CR200J has a top speed of 210 km/h (130 mph). A CR300 variant is reportedly under development.

A variant, known as the KCIC400AF nicknamed Woosh is in use in Indonesia since October 2023.



Little is known about the construction of the Renaissance EMUs. All sets use IGBT drives provided by CRRC; the drives of the CR400AFs and CR400BFs produce different cadences.


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