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Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal No. 15 is an 0-6-0T steam locomotive it was built in March of 1917 by the H. K. Porter Company for the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal.

This locomotive was designed to work as a dockside switcher for the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal. When It arrived at Brooklyn at an unknown year, It was numbered 15 and was tasked to ether shunt freight cars, or take small trains of coal around the docks and onto railroad barges, often pulled by the railway tugboat, Invincible.

When it was retired in 1965 It was moved to the South Appalachia Railway in Burnsville, North Carolina from 1965-1975 when it was moved to the Toledo, Lake Erie and Western Railway in Grand Rapids, Ohio Where it was put on Static Display.

In 1998, the locomotive was purchased by the Strasburg Rail Road in Lancaster, PA, and was originally going to be used to pull regular excursions. This hadn't been possible however, as the water tanks were too small to go fully around the railroad and back, and that would mean the crew would have to constantly re-fill the tank at East Strasburg station.


  • This engine is the only surviving Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal tank engine still in steam.
  • The engine is the oldest of the surviving BEDT locos.

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